Memory Keeping

I have a huge basket full of photos, tickets and mementos that I keep meaning to put into a scrapbook or otherwise preserve. The trouble is that I don’t commit regular time to scrap booking or memory keeping. For example, I recently made a lovely keepsake box frame for my daughters first ever pair of proper shoes, she is 11 years old!


So these cute little shoes, along with all my other photos and mementos have been in a box getting dusty for years. It is difficult to just look through them as nothing is organised, just randomly placed into the same box. I want to bring order to these memories and present them in a way that can be enjoyed by myself, family and friends.

One of my biggest obstacles is making the time to commit to my memory keeping endeavours. A solution that I have thought of is to arrange to get together with a group of friends on a regular basis and work on our scrap booking projects together. I remember reading an article about exercise and keeping up a regular exercise regime. The author suggested that you exercise with friends and put it in your diary as you would any other appointment. This would mean that you were more likely to keep to exercising regularly. So I am looking at scrap booking in the same way. If I arrange a regular time and date with friends, I am more likely to stick to it! Plus it will be nice to spend time with friends doing something we enjoy together.

Louisa x


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