Memory Keeping Frame ‘Celebrate Us’


My fiance and I are usually so busy with our children and extended family, that we often forget to focus on us. So I created this memory keeping frame for us to display our favorite photos of something we have done together each month.

It was really quite easy to make, using a picture frame that I had lying around and a few of my Stampin Up craft supplies, including my favorite Banners Thinlits Dies for the Bigshot. I love the Banners Thinlits Dies and have used them on so many projects, so I am gutted that they are on the ‘retiring’ list for the current annual catalog, which means that they will no longer be available to buy after 31st May or sooner if they sell out!

So back to the frame! I’ll give you the list of all materials and tools that I used, and then tell you how you can create your own. All of the suppplies used are from Stampin Up and are available to buy from my demo site here.

Consumable items

  • Basic Black Cardstock #121688
  • Whisper White Cardstock #106549
  • Gold Binder Clips #141673 (these come in a pack of 10, so you will need two packs)
  • Basic Black Bakers Twine #134576
  • VersaMark #102283
  • Gold Stampin Emboss Powder #109129
  • Tear & Tape Adhesive #138995


  • Embossing Buddy #103083
  • Heat Tool #129054
  • Clear Block (if using a photo polymer stamp set)
  • Handheld Circle Punch 1.6mm #134363
  • Paper Snips #103579
  • Banners Framelits #132173
  • Big Shot Die Cutting Machine #143263

I used a retired stamp set for the lettering, but there are others available to buy. You will also need a staple gun or sturdy stapler, a picture frame and an embroidery needle.


Using your Big Shot and Banners Framelits cut six of the larger banners in white and six in black. Next, use the next size down to cut another six in white and another six in black. This will give you twenty four in total. Now, using one of the smallest banners (check that your chosen font will fit), cut six in white and five in black.


Pair up the larger banners with the next size down, alternating black and white. Stick them together using your Tear & Tape adhesive, being careful to get an even border all the way round.


As you are going to be embossing the words, you will need to give each piece of card a quick wipe over with the Embossing Buddy first. This prevents extra bits of embossing powder sticking to places you don’t want it!  Take your smallest banners first and using the Versa Mark ink, stamp a letter on each banner, remembering to alternate between white and black. Sprinkle a small amount of the gold embossing powder evenly over each letter, then gently shake off the excess powder back into the embossing powder tub. Your letters should be covered in the gold powder, if they look like a bit is missing, sprinkle some more over and gently shake off again.


For the bigger banners, you will need to stamp and then sprinkle the embossing powder over one at a time, so this is a little more time consuming. Stamp the month at the top of the inner banner and then sprinkle with the gold embossing powder, gently shaking off the excess like before.


Please be careful at this stage, it is very easy to underestimate how hot the Heat Tool can get!

Gather together all of your banners and working on a heat resistant surface, hold the Heat Tool above the banners one at a time, slowly moving the tool around. Try not to hold the Heat Tool too close, as you will scald the banners, about six inches is a good distance. You will know when the Embossing is done as it will suddenly turn from powder to liquid. Leave the banners to cool before moving onto the next step.


Using the 1.6mm Circle Punch, punch near to the corners of the smallest banners which you have used for the letters that make up the words ‘Celebrate Us’. Try not to punch too close to the corners as they will tear when threading them onto the bakers twine.


Cut a piece of the bakers twine wider than the frame that you are using. Using the embroidery needle, thread the letters one by one onto the bakers twine.


Lay your picture frame down on a flat surface and arrange your banners in it, check that they will all fit and that you are happy with their positioning. Turn the picture frame over to its reverse side, leaving the banners in place on the table. Carefully staple the bakers twine onto the back of the frame, pulling it taught where the bigger banners will be, as they are heavier and it will dip under their weight with the gold clips. I started at the bottom of my frame and worked my way up, crisscrossing the bakers twine across and up the back of the frame. The smallest banners can be hung more loosely if you like.


Turn the frame over and clip the banners in place over the twine, arranging them as you go along. Then you can get on with choosing and printing your photos to attach.


You will notice that I didn’t quite have enough clips, so December is currently attached with a paper clip!




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